The best education you can get in these times of economic turmoil is a Financial Education. Gold as an Option was created to educate the 99 percent about the importance of protecting your wealth by having gold as a hedge against inflation!

Ninety nine percent of the world’s population don’t own physical gold, don’t know it is a “Safe Store of Value”, and don’t know its one of the assets used by the rich to pass wealth from generation to generation!

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about gold when they think about what to include in their Financial Portfolio. That’s because its been almost two generations since the United States and the rest of the world has operated under the Gold Standard.

It is also unfortunate that most banks, credit unions or Financial Planners don’t tell their clients about the value of having gold as an option along with other precious metals as part of their Financial Portfolio.

Here at Gold as An Option, we are not licensed Financial Planners, nor are we giving you or anyone Financial Advice. We are simply sharing information about the possibilities you are presented with when you have Gold as An Option and part of your Financial Portfolio.

We are Independent Affiliates of Karatbars International and as such we are not employees of Karatbars. The information shared on this page is information we have come across that speaks to the mission of Karatbars International which is “to provide the highest quality of GOLD at a price point the masses can afford!”

The foundation for what’s to come has been laid over the last nine years and is all possible due to the vision of Mr. Harald Seiz, CEO and Founder of Karatbars International.

Providing Gold at an Affordable Price!

Karatbars is the leader in the distribution of small gold bars and specializes in 1, 2.5, and 5 grams bars. Below is a comparison of Karatbars 1-gram gold bar and the 1-gram gold bars from other gold dealers:

On the date of the comparison 53 Euro was equal to $58.60 at a conversion rate of 1.10571. The price of the Valcambi and Holy Land Mint says as low as which means you will have to exchange your paper currency for more than 1 gram to get your gold for the price listed. On the other hand, you can buy 1 gram of Karatbars Cashgold for the price listed.

Karatbars does have a 1-gram Classic Karatbar which is tied to an incentive program. You can start receiving free gold starting in your 13th month of saving at least one gram of gold a month and referring others who have also participate by saving at least 1 gram a month. Depending upon how many people on your team are saving at least 1 gram of gold a month, you can receive up to 25 grams off free gold per month.

On the day of comparison 69.05 Euros was equivalent to $76.35 at an exchange rate to 1.10570.

Why Gold? Why Karatbars?

Four ways to acquire gold, and why you should get your gold from Karatbars!

Download a copy of “How to Become Successful with Karatbars” guide before you get started. It will answer many of the questions you may have about the registration process.

At Karatbars, we do five things:

  1. Register for our Free Gold Savings Account – everyone starts here.
  2. Upload our KYC Documents – proof of your identity and proof of where you live.
  3. Save at least 1 gram of Classic Karatbars a week, bi-weekly or monthly
  4. Save as much gold backed cryptocurrency as possible
  5. Purchase one of Karatbars OPTIONAL Business Packages so you can get paid when you share Karatbars with others.

Click the banner below to register for your Free Gold Savings Account and start taking advantage of the benefits of having Gold as An Option as part of your Financial Portfolio!